My Services

  • Custom Nutrition Plans

    As the name indicates, this is designed around your individual needs and goals.

    It will always include a full assessment and may include some or all of the following:

    Introduction to Healthy Eating session(s), grocery store tour, in home kitchen makeover, cooking basics, custom meal plan, cookbook.

  • Grocery Store Tours

    This is a full tour of a local grocery store with particular attention paid to finding healthy options, reading food labels and tips to eating healthy on a budget.

    ***Includes a Clean Eating cookbook for you to keep

    Approximately 1 1/2 hrs.

    $120.00 / tour
  • Introduction To Healthy Eating

    This is a private, in home nutrition session that will cover all the basics of healthy eating with specific attention to your needs as discussed. I will show you how to eat to fuel your body and feel great.

    There is no personalized meal plan with this session.

    **Includes a Clean Eating book for you to keep.

    Approximately 1 1/2 hrs.

    $120.00 / session
  • Fit Camp

    This is a fun, effective outdoor workout that changes each week.

    For women only. All ages and fitness levels.

    The maximum per class is 8 so I am able to offer personal attention. No huge classes or 20 or more!

    Its a challenging workout but the last 2 classes have filled up within 24 hours of offering them!

    Usually offered in 6 session packages

    ***Note that we offer a discount if you are a personal training client.

    $90.00 / 6 Classes
  • In Home Training

    This can be one on one, or a small group up to 4.

    We provide all equipment, you just provide the space (inside or out).

    This is focused on you, your needs and your goals.

    The first session is a proper assessment, full workouts after that.


    1 Person $75.00 / hr
    2 Person $80.00 / hr
    3 Person $90.00 / hr
    4 Person $100.00 / hr
  • Quick Start Program

    6 week program includes a full assessment, home nutrition assessment, personal one on one training sessions and a program to follow at home or gym on your own. Jump start your results FAST!

    Take that step TODAY!

  • On Your Own Program

    This program includes a full physical assessment and a home or gym program designed specifically for you to do on your own.  We can also add a nutritional consultation, grocery store learning trip or predefined program changes if desired.