It has taken me a long time to discover that can I eat amazing, tasty foods that fill and satisfy without being bad for me. Nutrition is a main foundation of our health. It is also the biggest factor in your weight loss goals (says the personal trainer!) I had wanted to find a nutrition certification that fit with my ideas/outlook on food for quite some time.  I held off because I didn’t want a “weekend certification” and I didn’t want to get certified for something I didn’t believe in and live myself.  I finally found it!  I am now certified with an amazing organization called Precision Nutrition.

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Depending on your needs I can help with as little as some tips and tricks right up to a full nutritional overhaul including assessments, in home kitchen makeover, grocery store shopping, and full personalized nutritional plan.  Lets talk about what’s right for you.

In the meantime here is my food philosophy.  EAT!  Your body needs you to eat for fuel. It affects everything from disease prevention to the glow of your skin.  Eat what, you ask? That depends partly on your personal beliefs, allergies etc but the easy answer?  Real food. Fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, whole grains, healthy fats and some dairy. Stay away from refined sugars, artificial sweeteners and preservatives of all kinds as much as possible. Eat organic if it is available and affordable. Eat local whenever it is in season. You will not believe how great food can make you feel.

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Don’t believe me?  Then take my 10 day food challenge!