Why Me?

 Why Kelly?

I look at the WHOLE approach to your health and wellness. The time that you spend training with me is very important, but there are 23 hours left in a day. We discuss your nutrition, life stresses, habits, family influence and anything else that will affect your success. If you need further guidance in areas I do not specialize in I can refer you through my network of outstanding health and wellness professionals.

My approach to physical workouts considers the WHOLE body as well. Many people are wanting to lose weight. Great, I can help with that. To be truly physically healthy we need to look at your weight, body composition, strength, endurance, and balance. *For example most people (some trainers included) like to work on the abdominals. Great. To be truly fit, though, you need to also work on the rest of the core muscles, including the back.

I WILL push you. I will push you to go further than you thought you could, to break through plateaus and to be your very best. There is not, however, any yelling in your face or barking orders.

 We get OUTSIDE! For personal training, group fitness and retreats, we are outdoors whenever possible. Connecting with nature ismonumentally important for our physical well being but more importantly our mental well being. Your mom always told you to go get some fresh air, right?

Every workout is designed for you with careful attention paid to your goals. There is no generic set of workouts that I just pull from for each session.

Contact me for a free consultation. You will get a much better sense of the “Why Me” over the phone or over a coffee.

What are you waiting for?

Working with WBF you also have access to so much beyond the one on now training. You belong to a network of women and available to you is group fitness classes, group outdoor activities and even mini retreats and full retreats catered to women just like you! We all need to support of a group sometime. Time to connect with other women, share experiences, struggles, stories and support. Have you ever heard the saying “find your tribe”? Here we are.